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Privately Owned Fine Pianos for Sale:

2003 Hamburg Steinway Model B in High Gloss Ebony
1935 Steinway Model L in Walnut
1941 Steinway Model D Concert Grand in Ebony
"Painted Piano" by Celebrated Los Angeles Artist, Nancy Mooslin

So if you have a Steinway or other fine piano you would like to sell, please let us know, as it may be exactly what a client has requested. You can be sure of getting a fair price and your piano will be getting a good home.

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2003 Hamburg Steinway Model B (6 ft. 10.5 in.)
in High Gloss Ebony



2003 Hamburg Stnwy

Additional photos and information.


1935 Steinway Model L (5 ft. 10.5 in.) in Walnut

Very special vintage sound.

Price: $14,999

Additional photos and information.


1941 Steinway Model D (8 ft. 11.5 in.) in Ebony

Magical concert grand. Price: SOLD

Additional photos and information.

"Painted Piano" by Celebrated Los Angeles Artist, Nancy Mooslin, 1997

Nancy Mooslin's homepage.

Horowitz called his piano "my old friend".
(He owned Steinway model Ds. )
You'll feel that way about your piano too.

Our mission is to find
your dream piano
at a discount price.

Steinway Louis XV Model M

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Privately-owned STEINWAYS
and other fine pianos for sale in the Los Angeles Area

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